What Birds Can Be Kept With Finches?


Finches can be kept with other bird species as long as they are similar in size and temperament.

Good choices include canaries, budgies, and button quails.

Gouldian finches, double-barred finches, Bengalese finches, and plum-headed finches are also compatible with other birds.

Parrots in the Neophema genus, such as the Scarlet-chested parrot, Turquoise parrot, Elegant parrot, and Blue-winged parrot, can also be housed with finches.

However, it is important to observe the birds to ensure they are getting along. Nutmeg mannikins are also compatible with budgies.

Are there any bird species that should not be kept with finches?

Yes, there are bird species that should not be kept with finches.

Parrots are mostly incompatible with finches due to their destruction of foliage.

Some species listed are not suitable for a mixed community at all.

It is also important to keep finches of similar size, temperament, and color together.

Birds with hookbills should not be kept with other types of birds as their beaks pose a danger.

The only species of bird that can be kept alone with finches is the Canary.

How do you ensure that different bird species get along with each other in the same cage?

Mixing different bird species in the same cage can be challenging, and it is generally not recommended.

Instead, it is suggested to keep them in separate cages in the same room.

If you want to mix different bird species, you can create a mixed species aviary, but it requires careful planning and observation.

Birds of similar sizes living in separate cages may sometimes tolerate being out in the same room on separate perches or play stands, but they must be supervised at all times because of the risk of aggression.

It is important to introduce birds slowly and in a neutral territory, such as a room not yet inhabited by either bird.

Can different types of finches be kept together in the same cage?

Different species of finches can live together in the same cage if they are provided with sufficient territory and if they are compatible with each other.

Finches with similar sizes and dispositions are usually suitable companions for each other, but there are some notable exceptions.

It is important to research the specific species of finches you want to keep together and ensure that they are compatible before housing them in the same cage.

What are some common problems that can arise when keeping multiple bird species together in the same cage?

When keeping multiple bird species together in the same cage, there are several common problems that can arise.

One issue is the compatibility of the types of birds you would like to keep.

It is generally not advised to mix different species of birds in the same cage, as they may not get along and could potentially harm each other.

Even birds of the same species may not always be compatible, especially if they have not been raised together from a young age.

Additionally, if you have more than two birds, it is important to make sure that they are not ganging up on one bird.

It is generally recommended to provide each bird with its own cage, feeding station, perches, and toys to ensure their safety and well-being.

Are there any special dietary considerations that need to be taken into account when keeping finches with other bird species?

There are no specific dietary considerations that need to be taken into account when keeping finches with other bird species.

However, it is important to ensure that all birds are receiving a balanced diet to stay healthy.

Finches require a diet of dry seed, sprouting seed, shoots, and fruits and vegetables.

Providing protein, especially to younger birds or birds that are molting, is also important and can include hard-boiled eggs or other egg-based foods.

It is recommended to consult with a veterinarian or avian specialist to determine the specific dietary needs of your birds.