Do Finches Use Birdhouses?


Yes, finches can use birdhouses as nesting sites. House finches, in particular, like birdhouses mounted on posts in clear areas, and may also nest on platforms.

However, some types of finches, such as house and purple finches, may not use nest boxes.

Do House Finches Use Birdhouses?

House Finches can use birdhouses, but they are not an obligate cavity-nester like some other birds.

House Finches may also nest on platforms.

While House Finches will nest almost anywhere, they prefer birdhouses mounted just out of reach on a post in the middle of a yard clear of trees or buildings.

However, according to one source, House Finches will not use a nest box.

What are the benefits of using birdhouses for finches?

Birdhouses can provide several benefits for finches, including weed control as finches love to eat weed seeds.

Additionally, birdhouses with perches can make it easier for birds to feed their young.

It is important to note that finches prefer natural materials such as wood for their birdhouses.

Attracting birds to your yard can also provide other benefits such as pest control and pollination.

What should be considered when choosing a birdhouse for finches?

When choosing a birdhouse for finches, it is important to consider the material, size, and design of the house.

A wooden birdhouse with a small entrance hole and drainage holes is ideal.

The typical finch birdhouse should have a dimension of 6” x 6” floor, 6” inside the ceiling, and a 1 ½ inch diameter access hole positioned 4 ½ over the floor and airing opening.

It is also important to choose a birdhouse that offers weather resistance and insulation.

Additionally, different species of birds require different sized houses and entrance holes, so it is important to build the right size house and hole dimensions.

Can different species of finches use the same type of birdhouse?

Different species of finches may use the same type of birdhouse, but it depends on the species.

House finches, for example, are not obligate cavity-nesters and can choose to make a cup nest in vegetation or on human-made structures.

Some types of birdhouses are specific to certain species, while others can be used by multiple species.

It is important to know what type of birdhouse suits which bird, and some research may be necessary to determine which species of finch will use a particular type of birdhouse.

How can one attract finches to use a birdhouse?

To attract finches to use a birdhouse, you can follow these tips:

  • Provide a thicket-like shelter with evergreen trees and native plants
  • Use a bird feeder with Nyjer seed and socks
  • Fill the feeder with black oil sunflower seeds
  • Use thistle seeds, which are a favorite food of finches
  • Make sure the birdhouse is the right size and has the right entrance hole size for finches

Do finches always prefer birdhouses over natural nesting sites?

Finches do not always prefer birdhouses over natural nesting sites.

House finches, for example, rarely use birdhouses to build their nests and instead prefer locations such as trees, cactus plants, ledges, street lamps, ivy on buildings, and hanging planters.

Yellow finches may use a basket-style house with a fairly open top as a base for building a nest, but they do not typically nest in birdhouses.

Finches can nest in both birdhouses and platforms, but they also commonly choose natural cavities such as old woodpecker holes, hanging plants, and trees.